Get effective and creative graphic design for your brand or project.

You will be provided with all necessary digital files for printing or one camera-ready original for reproduction.

  • Logo Creation: hourly rate – estimate provided after consultation
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  • Double Sided Business Card: $50
  • Postcard, 4″ x 6″, or 5″x7″ (double sided): $95
  • Half Page Design (5.5″ x 8.5″) (double sided): $120
  • Full-Page Double-Sided Flyer, or Brochure: $250
  • Banner or Poster: hourly rate depending on complexity.
  • Stationary (Letterhead & Envelope Set): $150

Other Rates:

Hourly Design rate: $40-50 per hour (non retainer rate)

For complex or long-term projects we recommend establishing a retainer agreement which locks-in lower rates makes budgeting easy.  Call today to set up a consultation for your project! 773.336.8679